Chloe Huang

illustration by Chloe Huang

I am an illustrator and pattern designer based in Taiwan.  I love to draw!  Drawing is my life and I would love to do it everyday for the rest of my life.  When I draw, all of my emotions go from my heart through my fingers and out the pencil!!  No matter whether I am feeling sad or happy.  In my own drawing world, I feel like I am still a little girl !


我是一個在台灣的插畫工作者與圖案設計師。 繪畫是我的生活。繪畫是我快樂的入口與悲傷的出口。我熱愛學習與嘗試不一樣的事物! 我喜歡一個人的旅行,有時和朋友喝杯咖啡,有時看書,有時看場電影,有時彈彈烏克麗麗。